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Title: Ratdawg: boomkinDruid
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Character's Name: Ratdawg
BTag: theskeet #1227
Character's Level: 120
Class: Druid
Usual Spec: boomkin
Normal Play Time:
after 6pm server
Age: 33
Previous Guild: i haven't played in a long time. i remember playing for mischief back in the day but that was a long time ago.
Reason you left previous guild:
personal life, work etc. I used to main a resto shaman back in the day. I decided to level a druid for BFA.

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I am an easy going guy who likes to play WoW. I have a regular day job. I enjoy going out with my friends to bars and like watching sports.

Are you friends with anyone in Nightstalkers? If so, who and how do you know them?
I am not.

Why do you want to become a member of Nightstalkers?
I want to experience Mythic content. I don't mind being on the bench since boomkins are a niche class at the moment.

Any alts we can contact you on? i dont play any alts at the moment.

Our raid times are Tues, Thurs, and Sun from 8:00PM - 12:00AM server. Are you able to make ALL of our raid times, every week?
I believe I can

Do you forsee any issues in the near future with attendance? Vacation? Moving? Etc? Yes, I usually end up taking vacation around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

WoW Armory Link:

Link to a screenshot of your UI (during a raid, mid-fight preferred):

WarcraftLogs (or other log parse) link for a recent raid:

Please take a moment to outline your rotation/priority. Be thorough and specific: solar wrath twice, sunfire, moonfire, celestial alignment, force of nature, potion. This is when i start fights in raids.

I try and keep sunfire and moonfire up at all times. I try not to cap my AP and empowerments.

What's the one misconception about your class that upsets you the most?
I don't know, im kinda new to the class.

Summary of your raid experience (go as far back as you can):
I didn't raid much back on my resto shaman but I remeber runnign ulduar and completing it on heroic, dont think they had mythic back then).

Are you willing to respecc or sit out of a raid if a different class is needed? yes. i can go resto but i haven't played at all.

Are you willing to download a few raid specific addons? sure.

Are you able to be in Discord for raids (Mic and the ability to talk is required)? yes

Please list your computer's specs. CPU speed, video card, RAM, Wireless/Wired?, Cable/DSL?, and average in-game latency.
980ti, i7-8700 512gb ram, 400mbps cable, 40 ms

Is your computer in good working order? Any current issues with it? Please make this answer detailed and specific.
yes its fine.

Are you easily offended by adult language and conversation? nope.

Is there anything else you think we should know?