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Title: thrrowdown: HavocDemon Hunter
Post by: throwdown07 on January 10, 2019, 09:59:35 PM
Character's Name: thrrowdown
BTag: throwdown#1846
Character's Level: 120
Class: Demon Hunter
Usual Spec: Havoc
Normal Play Time:
9pm to 3am
Age: 33
Previous Guild: concordance
Reason you left previous guild:
there was too much pressure apply by the raid leader and he was so toxic i cant raid in that kind of environement anymore . he was always yellin and pointing fingers at people and say stuff like if you fail again i sit you bla bla bla.......dont want to raid with elitist people like this again i mean im a good player and i dont want to be treat like shit when i play a game :P

Tell us a bit about yourself:
hi  im steevens and im 33. im french and im from quebec canada.i have a Gf and 2 daughter one 10 and the other one is 3 :) i like playin video games,go in the wood with my atv and play outside with my a chill guy too :) i like metal music and i play guitar too .cant wait to be part of the team guys XD

Are you friends with anyone in Nightstalkers? If so, who and how do you know them?
not at all :) see your post in Dh discord

Why do you want to become a member of Nightstalkers?
the raid times fit well for me and your prog too :)  i want Ce next tier and i think i can get it with you and your team :)

Any alts we can contact you on? my rogue

Our raid times are Tues, Thurs, and Sun from 8:00PM - 12:00AM server. Are you able to make ALL of our raid times, every week?

Do you forsee any issues in the near future with attendance? Vacation? Moving? Etc? not at all

WoW Armory Link:       /  

Link to a screenshot of your UI (during a raid, mid-fight preferred):

WarcraftLogs (or other log parse) link for a recent raid:

Please take a moment to outline your rotation/priority. Be thorough and specific: DH is priority

1 immolation aura on CD
2 Blade dance on cd cuz First blood talent
3 eye beam ( important to maximise the demonic time you have using BD and chaos strike to finish the `Cd empty energy)
4 generate fury XD

Dh is pretty simple compare to the rogue :)

What's the one misconception about your class that upsets you the most?
notting really i was playin rogue and i like how consistant this spec is right thing is on timer and really easy to use and pretty cool..we have some defensive cd.....ah yeah 1 thing upset me a lil bit is the cooldown of meta....god damn its long hahahah

Summary of your raid experience (go as far back as you can):
im raiding till WOTLK and was maining Enhance sham till last xpac cuz they killed shaman so i swap rogue this tier and i dont like it ...too much RNG ! ive get CE Ghuun with my rogue but i want play Dh for now and a CE player and i have it till HFC. last xpac ive got Xavius,Helya,Guldan and argus CE.

Are you willing to respecc or sit out of a raid if a different class is needed? yeah indeed :) every top guild do class stack and stuff like this so im ok with it if ill get the kill later XD

Are you willing to download a few raid specific addons? yeah ofc

Are you able to be in Discord for raids (Mic and the ability to talk is required)? yes

Please list your computer's specs. CPU speed, video card, RAM, Wireless/Wired?, Cable/DSL?, and average in-game latency.
RTX 2080
16G ram
Wired 120mbps
50-60 ping

Is your computer in good working order? Any current issues with it? Please make this answer detailed and specific.
brand new alienware

Are you easily offended by adult language and conversation? no

Is there anything else you think we should know?
cant wait to be part of your team :)
Title: Re: thrrowdown: HavocDemon Hunter
Post by: Rz on January 14, 2019, 05:46:24 PM
Hey man, sorry for the late reply! We actually already have two DHs. I had mentioned this to you, and  told you despite that we'd like to talk depending on how strong your app was. We have decided based on the information within to pass at this moment in time. Thank you for the app, and good luck in your search!