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Title: Ehist: WindwalkerMonk
Post by: Ehist on February 09, 2019, 09:09:14 PM
Character's Name: Ehist
BTag: Redcoast#1399
Character's Level: 120
Class: Monk
Usual Spec: Windwalker
Normal Play Time:
3-12am PST
Age: 33
Previous Guild: No bullly/Baddies
Reason you left previous guild:
No Bully - couldn't make the raid time.
Baddies - joined my old guild after they disbanded in legion but they felt ww was weak and we had too many melees.

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I've been playing since classic WoW and raided since the MC/BWL days.  Just an average Korean guy with thicc accent.

Are you friends with anyone in Nightstalkers? If so, who and how do you know them?

Why do you want to become a member of Nightstalkers?
I'm always looking to improve myself and experience the full content of this game.  Nightstalker seems like they've established themselves quite well on the server.  

Any alts we can contact you on? Redcoast-Rogue

Our raid times are Tues, Thurs, and Sun from 8:00PM - 12:00AM server. Are you able to make ALL of our raid times, every week?

Do you forsee any issues in the near future with attendance? Vacation? Moving? Etc? Iffy schedule on the 10th of each month so I might show up little late

WoW Armory Link:

Link to a screenshot of your UI (during a raid, mid-fight preferred):

WarcraftLogs (or other log parse) link for a recent raid:

Please take a moment to outline your rotation/priority. Be thorough and specific: ^My guild private logs so I don't know if it will show up.

My opener is very standard.  Xuen-Fist-TP-SEF-TD-RSK-FOF.  I use the monk discord and icyveins to keep updated on my class.

What's the one misconception about your class that upsets you the most?
WW doesn't seem to be highly desirable with BrM monk in the raid and brings less overall utility compared to rogues/DH.  

Summary of your raid experience (go as far back as you can):
raided hardcore up to WotlK- full cleared every contents.
I took a break during Cata and stayed semi casual in WoD.  I raided on my rogue/monk during WoD, disc priest ion MoP, and warlock in legion.  I stopped raiding after full EN mythic due to guild break up.

Are you willing to respecc or sit out of a raid if a different class is needed? yes, and I'm also open to going MW.

Are you willing to download a few raid specific addons? yes

Are you able to be in Discord for raids (Mic and the ability to talk is required)? yes and yes

Please list your computer's specs. CPU speed, video card, RAM, Wireless/Wired?, Cable/DSL?, and average in-game latency.
intel i5 3570k 16gb ram EVGA 970
70fps, cable 68ms

Is your computer in good working order? Any current issues with it? Please make this answer detailed and specific.
yes, I'm actually building a new PC next month to get the 2070 card although I've never had any issues with this computer.  I've had bad frame drops in BoD heroic due to having 30 people in the raid+bad WAs.

Are you easily offended by adult language and conversation? No, I think i'm old enough lol

Is there anything else you think we should know?